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3 Tips For Moving Your Belongings To Your Parents' Home

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Regardless of why it is happening, moving back home with your parents can be an interesting experience. Before you settle into your new-old digs, though, you have to find a way to fit all of your belongings into the space your parents have set aside for you. If you are planning a move back home, here are some tips for handling it. 

Talk to Your Parents About Space

Before packing for the move, you need to know how much space your parents have designated for you. Without a realistic view of how much space you are allowed, you could inadvertently end up treading on your parents' space. 

Ask your parents whether or not space outside of your bedroom is available. For instance, can you store items in the garage or attic? If so, how much of those areas can you use? 

Get Rid of Stuff You Do Not Need

Depending on how long you are planning to live with your parents, holding onto some things might not make much sense. For instance, if you are planning to stay with them at least a year, selling some of your household items could be best. However, if you are only staying a few months, hanging onto those possessions and putting them in storage is ideal. 

In the weeks prior to moving, get rid of the belongings that you are not planning to keep. Even if you are renting a storage unit, it is important to downsize. Fewer possessions means you can save money by renting a smaller unit. You can donate the possessions to charity, give them away to friends, or even sell them. 

Hire Movers

Instead of calling on friends to help you move, consider hiring movers. There are several benefits to using movers. For instance, movers have experience with packing and moving. They do not need the same level of guidance that your friends will need. If you are particularly stressed with the notion of moving home, having to constantly supervise your friends could only add to it. 

Movers also have liability insurance. In the event that a mover suffers an injury or an item is damaged, a claim to recover damages can be filed on the insurance. By contrast, if a friend is hurt or an item is damaged, you could face paying out-of-pocket to cover the damages--not to mention the guilt associated with a friend suffering an injury related to helping you move. 

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