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Tips For An Organized Business Move

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If you're attempting a business move that doesn't interrupt your daily operations, there are a few things that you must coordinate with your commercial movers. Here are some tips for a successful and organized move. 

Schedule Outside of Office Hours

Whenever possible, schedule your moving activities outside of work hours. Not only will you minimize disruptions to your workers, but you can also help to make the move coordination smoother this way. For instance, your commercial movers can get a better sense of the volume of items to move if they can see an empty room without the distraction of workers. You'll also be able to get more time scheduled in your office building's freight elevator if you're not competing for peak hours. A great commercial moving company should have people that they can schedule to dismantle equipment and conduct the actual move on weekends or evening hours. 

Coordinate Packing Times

In order to stay organized and on schedule, you may need to coordinate the times for packing various items. For instance, your first run through may be to get non-essential items put in packing bins. The next wave of packing could be to pack any items that aren't needed on the day before the move—strip everything down to the computers and desks. The final session can occur on the morning of your move, where you strip down any remaining items. 

Use Colorful Accessories to Organize 

Commercial movers will have a variety of packing equipment to help you label and visually sort your boxes. For instance, you can ask for reusable plastic bins of various colors so that employees know where they should put different types of items such as paperwork, office supplies, and personal effects. You may also want to use sticky labels to denote what's in each box or to label equipment that shouldn't be packed yet. Another step to take is to put colored dots on items belonging to each employee so that the movers can direct those boxes straight to the employee's desk. 

Create a Moving Map

You may also benefit from creating a map with different sections to show where each box should end up in the new office. You can number different corners of the room and then number the boxes according to where the movers should place them. 

While it's impossible to account for every mishap, the tips above can help you to avoid many pitfalls of an office move. By choosing commercial movers with a wealth of experience, you can put together a team that works well and stays organized. Contact companies like Elite Moving for more information about the specific commercial moving services they provide.