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How To Make Your Move An Easier One

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No matter how excited you are about moving to a new house, the packing and the moving part can be a real pain in the neck! And, it can also be very expensive. Here are some ideas that might make your move an easier one.

First Things First - No matter how long you've lived in your present house, you're probably asking yourself, "How can one family accumulate this much stuff?" If that's the case, the first thing that needs to happen is for each of your family members to go through his or her personal belongings to get rid of things that are no longer wanted or no longer used. Plan a garage sale. Bribe your kids with the promise that they'll get to keep the money from the sale of their own things. It's also very helpful to arrange for a charity truck to pick up things that won't be put into the yard sale. 

Packing Day - Give your kids a small box, a bag or any other kind of receptacle in which they can keep the things they want to have close by. For goodness sake, don't forget the favorite blankie or stuffed animal that is of supreme importance to your child. If you do, you'll be up all night trying to comfort that little one! Also, don't forget to pack medications and a small first-aid kit, just in case there is a mishap on moving day. Also, a laundry basket or a box full of linens and towels will be helpful. After all, it might be awhile before you unpack the box that holds the majority of that type of item.

Moving Day - Of course, you can hire professionals like Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Company to move your belongings, but you might also want to go it alone. In that case, arrange ahead of time for the rental of a moving truck. Besides the cost of the rental, you might also need to give the moving truck company a deposit. However, if you return the truck in the same condition as when you secured it, you'll get the deposit back. Ask a bunch of your friends and family members to help you load the truck and to help you to unload it when you arrive at your new home. The promise of a great meal at the end of the day will make the move even better.

Don't forget to write down names and addresses of people who helped you during your move. Doing that means that you'll remember everybody who needs a thank you note.