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Packaging A Gift Appropriately For Courier Service Delivery

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If you have mistakenly forgotten a friend or family member's important birthday, chances are you want to send the person a gift right away. Hiring a courier service, like Motion Express, is a great way to ensure your gift gets to the recipient the same day you send it off to their home or office. Even if your gift is only going across town, it will need to be packaged in a way where it will not become ruined in transit. Here are a few tips to use when packaging a gift for courier delivery.

Sending Paperwork

If you have purchased a gift certificate or you want to send a birthday card to the recipient, the packaging you place it in will make the difference in the way it looks when it is placed into their hands. Do not use a plain paper envelope for these gifts. There is the chance the courier will spill something upon it or it may become rumpled and wrinkled from being placed in a bin or container with other deliveries. Purchase a padded envelope to house the gift. You can even put a small trinket inside with the paper items if desired as the padding will be protective.

Packing Fragile Items

If you are sending along a fragile gift, such as a decorative bowl, glass candle holders, an ornate mirror, or a wooden frame, you will want it to be protected from wear during its ride to the destination. A fragile gift should be placed into a sturdy cardboard box slightly larger than the size of the item. Place an inch or two of packing peanuts into the bottom of the box. Wrap the gift with bubble wrap and tape it into place. Set the gift on the packing peanuts and use more to fill all voids around the bubble wrapped item. Tape the box closed using packing tape.

Preparing For Weather

Since the courier may need to walk in and out of rainy or snowy conditions, it is best to be prepared by waterproofing your gift so it does not become damaged if it accidentally gets wet. Place a bubble-wrapped gift into a plastic bag if it is a day where the item could become ruined with moisture. A gift certificate can be sealed inside a plastic sandwich bag before placing it into a birthday card. If you use a marker to address the envelope or cardboard box you are using, cover the wording with a piece of clear tape so it does not rub away if moisture hits it.