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Three Options For Heavy Equipment Moving

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If you are moving and need to transport heavy equipment, the costs and challenges of moving can be substantial. There are three main options for moving heavy equipment while being safe and cost-effective. 

Hire Additional Movers

If your equipment is very heavy, your moving team might not be enough to support the load. You might consider moving the equipment on a different day with a surplus of movers. This will keep you from hiring too many movers for the entire duration of your move. 

To be safe on a heavy equipment move, it can also be a good idea to supply special equipment for transporting the equipment. For instance, wide canvas straps for each mover can help them distribute the weight of the heavy item evenly, while allowing them to lift the item form the ground using the bulk of their weight rather than placing pressure on their backs or knees. Crowbars can also be helpful for getting underneath a heavy object and making the initial lift easier and safer. 

Try Disassembling the Item

Another option to try is to disassemble the item. Depending on the nature of your equipment and your familiarity with it, this option may require you to hire a professional who can safely disassemble your equipment and put it back together again. However, this step can save you money in the end if it allows you to transport the pieces along with your normal moving goods. 

Consider a Heavy Hauling Company

A third option, if you can find it in your area, is to hire a heavy hauling company who specializes in moving large items and equipment. When it's available, this is by far the best option because you can rely on a team of experienced lifters to move your oversized items. They may also have specialized dollies and equipment for heavy lifting, including fall protection and harnesses. A heavy hauling company will also be able to transport your item separately from the rest of your belongings, which will help you avoid having the equipment crush some of your smaller items. Be sure to choose a company with a great liability policy to protect both you and the movers during your heavy hauling. 

Moving with extra heavy equipment can make your move coordination a bit more challenging, but it is still possible to be cost-efficient and quick. These three options are tried and true methods for dealing with heavy equipment during a move. For more information, contact a company like Larry's Heavy Hauling (1990) Ltd.