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Planning A Move That Will Involve Downsizing

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If you are moving into a smaller space, there will be more to your move than simply packing up your items and bringing everything along. This is the time to get strategic when it comes to your needs and what your new home can accommodate. Here are four tips when it comes to a move that will be a downsize.

1. Make a Mini Floor Plan of Your New Space

You don't need to figure out how you will lay out your furnishings when you move in. Do your movers a favor and have a plan for where your couch, bed, and other large items will be placed. Measure beforehand and make a mini floor plan so that you know ahead of time that items such as your sectional won't fit. You can replace what you need to with a smaller furnishings before your move.

2. Keep Items in Storage in the Interim

If you aren't quite sure about certain household items, don't just get rid of things because you are busy with your move. Keep items that you are on the fence about in storage until you have more time to evaluate these. You can then sell or donate items you don't really need in your new space when you aren't in the middle of moving. Movers can make two stops, one at your new home and one at your storage unit.

3. Take the Time to Sort and Organize

If you can get started on packing up your home early, this will give you more time to methodically go through furnishings, personal items, and closets properly. Have boxes set up for move, donate, and undecided. Waiting until the last minute will most likely leave you with bringing too much stuff and starting with clutter in your new home.

4. Work Together and Make Lists

If you are moving with a spouse, family members, or roommate, this will need to be a combined effort when it comes to bringing just the necessities. Have everyone sit down and go over items that are must-haves to bring along to a new space. This will make a clearer picture for the things that will be coming along and items that are on the fence to reevaluate. Doing this ahead of time will lower stress levels and make your time with movers more efficient.

Downsizing might feel stressful, but this is really an opportunity for you to simplify your life and streamline your space. Doing the work upfront before you move will help make unpacking and organizing simpler on the other end. If you can get ahead of the game and only bring along the essentials, your new space won't even feel like a downsize.

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