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3 Tips For Storing Your Classic Car For The Winter

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Do you have a prized classic car? Are you worried about how to protect that car during the winter? If you live in an area that gets snow or ice during the winter, then the weather conditions could pose a serious risk to your classic vehicle. Salt and ice on the roads could chip and dent the car's exterior. Excessive moisture could cause rust on the car's panels and its underbelly. Storing the car is usually the best option. However, it's often not enough to simply park the car in the garage. Here are three tips to make sure your car is protected during this upcoming winter:

Put a covering over the floor. One of the biggest threats to your car is persistent moisture. Even if you park the car in your garage, it could still be exposed to moisture coming up through the garage's floor. This is especially true if your garage has cracks or isn't insulated well. The moisture on the garage floor could fill the air and cause rust issues on the parts on the bottom of the vehicle.

Instead of parking the car on the bare garage floor, try putting down a large piece of carpet or even a plastic sheet. These coverings will create a barrier between the floor and the vehicle, keeping moisture out and protecting your car's parts from rust.

Jack the car in the air. If possible, try to keep your car off the ground. This solves two problems. First, it prevents the tires from developing flat spots. If you keep your car parked in the same spot for too long, the part of the tires in contact with the ground could become flat under the pressure. That could be a big problem when you start to drive the car again in the spring.

Also, by jacking the car in the air, you'll take pressure off the car's suspension system. The suspension won't have to bear the full weight of the car, reducing the chances of a suspension system issue.

Get a climate-controlled space. If moisture, freezing fluids, and the elements in general are a major concern, you may want to get the car out of your garage altogether. Instead, rent self-storage space, preferably one with climate controls. That way you can control the temperature and humidity in the space and prevent any unwanted rust or related temperature issues. If the self-storage facility handles a lot of vehicle storage, they may also offer jacks, car slip covers, and more to keep your car in perfect condition.

For more information, contact a storage facility in your area. They can offer tips on how to maintain your classic car through the winter. For more information, contact a business such as Canada Storage Station Self Storage.