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What Is the Best Way to Keep My Storage Unit Organized?

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Storage units are infinitely useful, but disorganization can impede their usefulness. Not knowing what's in your storage unit, or how to get to it, will quickly make your storage unit more of a pain and less of a help. These tips will help you to keep your storage unit organized and orderly, so you can find what you need when you need it.

Load it from Back to Front

You'll want to load your storage unit from back to front, with those things you use the least in the back of the unit. If you're taking everything to your storage unit in a moving truck, place those things destined for the front of the storage unit at the back of the moving truck. Load the boxes meant for the back of the storage unit near the entrance of the moving truck. This way, the first things you unload will be the boxes meant for the back of the storage unit, and the last things you unload from your truck will be those things that need to be placed at the front of the unit. 

Group Like Things Together

Placing similar items together in the storage unit will help you find those things when you need them. For example, keep all your holiday decorations in one corner of the storage unit so that you'll know to go to that particular corner when searching for Christmas decorations. 

Make a Walkway

Line the walls of the storage unit with boxes first, then create an island of boxes in the center of the unit, leaving an O shaped walkway through the middle of your storage unit. If the unit isn't large enough to have an O shaped hallway among the boxes, plan to line the walls of your storage unit and make a single straight aisle down the center of the unit. 

Keep an Inventory

Keeping an inventory will save you time and effort as you attempt to organize your storage unit. Recording your inventory is a multi-step process that involves documenting what's in the storage unit, when it was placed there, and where it is. Your inventory should include:

  • A map of the storage unit. Assuming you've placed everything in your storage unit in groups, a map of those groups and their locations within the storage unit will help you find what you need when it's time to get it. 
  • A list of all boxes placed in the storage unit. Develop a numbering system to number all the boxes in your unit, then keep a list of every box and its corresponding number. In the list, include a description that tells you what each box contains.

These tips will help you make the most of your storage unit (like those at Centre Avenue Self-Storage), so you can continue to benefit from the extra space for years to come.