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Five Tips To Organize & Maximize Your Self-Storage Unit!

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Using a self-storage unit to store seasonal and infrequently used items is a great way to keep your home neat and make it feel more welcoming to your family and guests. However, if you are not organizing the unit properly, you may not be getting the most value from your rented storage space. These easy tips will help you maximize your self-storage unit and make using it as easy as possible.

One: Plan Ahead to Pack the Unit for Convenience

Before you begin packing items into your storage unit, take a moment to consider how often the item will be needed. Old furniture or items that will be kept in the unit indefinitely should be placed toward the back of the unit, while seasonal clothing or similar items that will be needed more often should be placed where they are more accessible. In addition, pack the unit in a U-shape so that a narrow corridor is left down the middle of the unit that will allow you to reach all the contents easily.

Two: Pay Attention to Weights

Heavy boxes or items should always be placed on the bottom of the unit or stacked with other items of similar weight to prevent sagging boxes or damage to more fragile items. In addition, pack heavier items into smaller containers that will be easy to move and manage while they are stored. 

Three: Use the Space Wisely

Make the wisest use of space by utilizing any empty space in the unit. Stored trunks, coolers, hampers and chests can provide safe storage for loose or fragile items. Suitcases and handbags can hold stored clothing and lighter weight items.

Four: Pack, Label and and Maintain a Careful Inventory

Create an inventory system for your storage shed and use it to help prevent frantic, messy searches for misplaced items. To do this, make sure each box or bin is clearly labeled on the top, front and at least one side and then stacked so that the label is easily readable. Use your computer to create an inventory list for the items that can be shared with other family members via smartphone and insist that every one update the list whenever the unit is accessed. Print a copy and place it on a clipboard inside the unit for a quick reference.

Five: Choose the Self-Storage Unit That Best Fits Your Needs

Remember that proper packing and organizational tips cannot make your self-storage unit more secure or convenient, so it is vitally important to make sure you have chosen the best possible one for your storage needs. It should be conveniently located near your home or work, so that you can stop by easily without driving out of your way. In addition, make sure the unit you choose is clean, secure, well-lit and free of any pests and leaks. For more information, contact Queensborough Mini Storage for Richmond BC or a similar company.